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Who we are:

  • Satoshi GEN is an ecosystem based on interaction of such elements:
  • Crypto portfolio creation, Coins trading and Exchange arbitration, which are ways to increase capitalization
    and also Equalization fund and Insurance as the way of safeness.

  • Each particular component increases chances off common success due to connections with the rest of ecosystem.
  • Every member of Satoshi GEN makes the ecosystem stronger, and also stands to reward from many other members.

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower

Steve Jobs

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower

Steve Jobs


Reasonable stable

1.1% per day allows to achieve a balance in the risk/profit ratio.

Guarantees the specified interest rate to the participants regardless of the course of the cryptocurrency and other market fluctuations.

5 level
referral system

Allows any participant to become a leader and get bonuses from referral's invitations

Your level depends only on your activity and activity of your team.

Unique lifelong bonus
“Hold back”

It is reward for the fact that your referrals hold funds in Satoshi Gen.
1-lv 8%; 2-lv 4%; 3-lv 2%;
4-lv 1%; 5-lv 0.5%.

The longer the referral's money is in the ecosystem, the more bonuses you get each day!


Satoshi GEN is a highly automated ecosystem containing smart contract. Human factor is minimized.

Fraud is excluded both from administration and clients.

The Satoshi ecosystem contains insurance and stabilization funds that protect against most risks.

is a key to security

Participation is completely anonymous.
Here is no need of personal verification.

It means personal information will not be disclosed or used against you.

Neither frauds nor government will ever find out about your income.
You and your capital are completely safe!

High-tech policy

Satoshi Gen ecosystem is made using the most advanced technologies and IT solutions.

Such tools are used: digital intelligence, blockchain, neural networks, botnets, trading robots, the Smart Contract.

All this creates a reliable basis for further development according to roadmap.

Method of ecosystem profit making:

Ecosystem accumulated funds are distributed in a variety of ways in order to secure all members with steady high profit.


Crypto portfolio building: 32,5% of funds are used for "Buy and Hold" strategy. There is one important feature: Satoshi Gen makes regular rebalancing by more perspective coins in order to exclude influence of price volatility.


Ideal balance of supreme profit-making capacity and minimum risks


Crypto coins trading: 27,5% of funds are used for Intraday and Swing trading strategies. We use robot-assisted systems based on neural nets.


Allows gaining the marginal profit in crypto industry with moderate risks.


Cryptocurrency arbitration: 11% are allocated. Earnings at the price spread of the same financial instrument on different exchanges using botnet.


High speed of operations with maximum reliability of positions

The way we manage risks:

Part of the funds are channeled for ensuring the stability of the ecosystem operation and risks reduction.


Equalization fund: 19%. This is the amount on the operational accounts of the ecosystem in a stable currency. Serves for depreciation of stock price jumps and ensuring stable growth in Satoshi GEN tokens value.


Giving an opportunity to conduct all current transactions without affecting the trade balances and smooth out market fluctuations.


Self-insurance: 10% of all revenues and profits are deposited in the insurance pool. This is an untouchable stock. Strong protection against economic shocks.


The internal security fund in the structure of the ecosystem allows to secure all risks of the members of the ecosystem without attracting third-party insurance organizations.

Become a member and earn with a few clicks

Fast sign up using your Email and bitcoin address, which you want to get your profit on.
Purchase SG Token for Bitcoin or Ethereum and get 1.1% grow per day.
Use your referral link to invite new members and develop your team up to level-5.
Get "Hold back" bonuses during your referrals hold SG Tokens. Up to 15.5% additional monthly income.

Referral Program Main feature of Satoshi GEN motivation program is lifelong referral bonus "Hold back" which is accrual every day.

lifelong bonus "Hold back" – reward for the fact that your referrals hold SG Tokens on their accounts. The longer referrals hold tokens, the more "Hold back" you get. Thus, motivating referrals to keep tokens longer, you will additionally earn up to 15.5% monthly.

Bonuses accrual every day and also grow 1.1% per day
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Become a leader can everyone – Upgrade your rank and earn more and more bonuses every day.
Junior: 1 lv - 8%
Regular: 1 lv - 8% / 2 lv - 4%
Senior: 1 lv - 8% / 2 lv - 4% / 3 lv - 2%
Principal: 1 lv - 8% / 2 lv - 4% / 3 lv - 2% / 4 lv - 1% / 5 lv - 0.5%
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